Firefighters train on a Tuesday night outside Station 2.
SAFPD personnel at a Tuesday night training session in November, 2017.

Volunteers fight fires in San Andreas

Volunteers are the heart and soul of San Andreas Fire Protection District. The men and women who fight fires and come to the aid of those injured in accidents are mostly unpaid. The district does pay a stipend for those volunteers who serve 24-hour shifts at the station. That stipend is $75 for firefighters and $100 for engineers. Firefighters may also earn pay by serving on state and federal strike teams during major wildfires. Firefighters are expected to participate in regular training and to meet all state and federal standards. Many of those who begin their careers as volunteers at San Andreas Fire Protection District go on to work as paid firefighters in city departments or as medics for ambulance companies.

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Firefighters secure the helicopter landing zone at Mark Twain Medical Center
SAFPD firefighters secure the landing zone when helicopters arrive and depart from Mark Twain Medical Center.